Top 5 KC Chic Best Sellers of 2022

Top 5 KC Chic Best Sellers of 2022

In this week’s exciting blog, we’ll be talking about KC Chic’s top 5 best sellers of this year. We’ll go into detail about each product and discuss what makes these so special and oh so popular. With only two more months left in 2022, it’s time to look back and chat about our top 5 best sellers of this year

Starting with the one, the only, the Trinidad. All of our Trinidad pieces and looks have been major crowd pleasers - But the Trinidad Cuban Link takes the cake of most popular this year. With this piece, you have the option to purchase the stunning chunky necklace with a matching bracelet as well. Both pieces come in gold or silver, making it accessible for any taste. 

Next is the brilliant Marylin Sterling Silver Moissanite Ring that is one of our best sellers of all time. The Marylin is a set that comes with three bands adorned in crystals and one large moissanite stone, making it a perfect engagement ring and of course anyone could wear it on the daily, regardless of your relationship status. It’s versatile, classic, and shines like no other. 

They’re big, they’re sparkly, and they’re covered in crystals inside and out, here comes the Bianca Hoops. This is the third best seller for obvious reasons. When you’re feeling a bold statement hoop, this is the way to do it. They are the perfect combination of large and dazzling, yet lightweight and thin - And of course stainless steel so these hoops are made to last.  

The stunning Lush Bangle Trio has made it onto yet another list! This trio is one of the top sellers due to the versatility of color, the bangle stack being a trend-setting style, and their obvious radiance. Santa. With the array of one silver, one gold, and one rose gold bracelet, it collectively becomes a stack that can go with all other jewelry - making it the perfect bracelet trio for any look. 

Now for the final KC best seller of 2022, we’re going to discuss the Nolita Mini Square Hoops. These hoops have switched it up from the traditional circle - making these a unique earring option that sets you apart. We provide both silver and gold with the following color options: pink, magenta, onyx, turquoise, and crystal. These hoops give you plenty of color options so you can find the perfect combination for you. 
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