Top 5 Fall Season Things To Look Forward To

Top 5 Fall Season Things To Look Forward To

Pumpkin Spice everything is almost upon us once again. If you're looking forward to the upcoming Fall season as much as we are you should enjoy this top 5 list of the very best things about Autumn. 


1. Autumn Leaves - Seeing the leaves slowly change from green to an array of yellow, orange and red is truly a sight to behold. 

2. Halloween - Trick or treating, costume parties, haunted houses and classic horror movies? What's not to love

3. Apple Cider - What's the difference between juice and cider? 

"If it's clear and yella', you got juice there fella', if it's tangy and brown, you're in cider town." - Ned Flanders. Apple juice is good all year round but something about Apple Cider just hits the spot better during the Fall months. 

4. Cozy Fires - You, your significant other and a nice warm fire? Do we need to say more? 

5. And last but not least, our KC Chic Designs Fall Collection!!!

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