What Does Fall Fashion Mean to Us?

What Does Fall Fashion Mean to Us?

A Fall jewelry collection, like any seasonal jewelry collection, is designed to capture the essence and aesthetic of a particular season, in this case, Fall. The significance of such a collection lies in several aspects:

Reflecting the Season's Aesthetics: Fall is known for its unique color palette, including warm earthy tones like reds, oranges and browns. We wanted to reflect this idea with mixed metals such as the Edgy 316L Stainless Steel 4 Piece Pendant Layering Set  or our Sophisticated Women's 316L Stainless Steel Timepiece. 

Seasonal Themes: Autumn is often associated with themes like change, harvest, coziness, and transition. This notion is expressed in our Quatrefoil Open Flower Pendant Necklace. The quatrefoil symbol is used in many cultures to symbolize fertility as well as luck, 2 ideas that go hand in hand with change and transition. 
Fashion Compatibility: In autumn, people tend to wear warmer, layered outfits, and jewelry can be designed to accessorize these outfits. For example, statement necklaces or chunky bracelets like our Hauter Crystal Accent 4 Piece Bangle Set featuring quatrefoil symbols and crystal adornments is perfect to pair with sweaters and scarves.
Gift Giving: Seasonal jewelry collections are often launched in anticipation of holidays and occasions that occur during that season. Autumn includes holidays like Thanksgiving and Halloween, and jewelry from an autumn collection can make for meaningful gifts during these times.


The significance of an autumn jewelry collection lies in its ability to capture the beauty and themes of the season, provide fashion options that complement autumn wardrobes, and offer unique pieces for special occasions and collectors. For us it is a way to connect with our incredible supporters by tapping into the seasonal spirit and aesthetics.

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