5 Gift Ideas for Every Budget

5 Gift Ideas for Every Budget

With holidays right around the corner, it could get overwhelming and time-consuming to search for the perfect gift for each of our loved ones. To relieve some of that stress, we’ve put together a gift guide that highlights 5 unique gift ideas with different price points.

Gift Idea #1

Astrology necklace

For the Astrology-lover - We have the Altair Zodiac Necklace under the 60% Off Gone for Good Collection! These necklaces are one of my favorites because they are such an easy way to give a personalized, thoughtful gift to a loved one - it’s just a plus that it’s on sale. 

Gift Idea #2

Pet name necklaces

For the friends and family members who are obsessed with their pets - Get them something special and customizable with the Engraved Abbie Paw Print Necklace. This necklace is available in gold, silver, and rose gold and offers various style options! 

Gift Idea #3

Mom necklaces

Show your appreciation to any loved one that is a mother with the “MAMA” Mia Bar Necklace! Whether that be for your own mom, a family member, or friend, this makes a wonderful gift for the hard working mothers out there. 

Gift Idea #4

Anniversary gifts for wife

For the upcoming holidays or an anniversary, the Happy Anniversary Look is an easy way to get your wifey a special look that is already put together for you! This look comes with four beautiful, sparkling pieces that were made to impress. To make this gift even more enticing - it’s currently on sale. 

Gift Idea #5

Moissanite engagement ring

For the ultimate show-stopping gift - the Marylin Sterling Silver Moissanite Bridal Set will take your breath away. This would make an incredible gift for a future bride, or anyone who loves the sparkle of diamonds for a more affordable price point. 


Each of these 5 handpicked pieces have very special aspects to them that would make amazing gifts for your loved ones, as well as for yourself! We hope you love these pieces as much as we do and find this gift guide helpful. Happy KC holiday shopping!   

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