2022 Fall Fashion Trends to Try

2022 Fall Fashion Trends to Try

2022 Fall Fashion Trends to Try 

It can be very tricky to predict and follow current fashion trends, especially jewelry. Jewelry trends are less likely to change quickly, meaning these fall trends are bold, exciting, and here to stay - for now. 

We've put together a list of 4 fall jewelry trends to look out for, highlighting pieces from our website so you can shop the latest looks and trends!

Stacked Bangles and Bracelets 

Get your stack on this fall, we’re bringing back chunky, layered bracelets. Layering as many bangles as possible to make the most daring statement, the more the better to elevate any look. Here are a few examples:


Glittering Crystals 

Draw some attention to yourself this fall by wearing the most sparkly, shining pieces. We want to see you in statement, show-stopping jewels that will make you feel like the main character this season. Here are some of our radiant pieces from our website that you can shop to follow this exciting



Pearls, Pearls, and More Pearls 

As Coco Chanel says, pearls are always appropriate. We have some stunning pearl jewelry to help you hop on this timeless fall look!   


Natural Elements 

We’re seeing stones, seashells, and everything earthy. There’s something so beautiful about using these natural elements as jewelry and making it a moment.        


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