Mother's Day Gift Ideas For Every Budget

Mother's Day Gift Ideas For Every Budget

Easily shop the KC Chic Designs 2022 Mother's Day gift guide by four different categories so you can find something for every Mom on your list with any budget! Whether you're a saver or someone who likes to splurge, we've got something for every Mom to love! 

Under $25 

Our 60% Gone For Good collection is great place to shop for gifts. With huge savings on some of our best selling and signature pieces, this collection is a perfect place to shop for quality beautiful gifts that wont break the bank. 

1. Personalize Me Crystal Cube Necklace- With this personalized necklace, the options are endless. Gift your mom her name, her kids initials, or even her grandkids initials and give her something to remind her of you! 

2. Touring Tag Initial Necklace- Available in Rose Gold, Silver and Gold, this necklace is perfect for anyone who like simplicity. 

3. Rebecca Ring- Available in Gold or Silver featuring crystals and a star, this ring is perfect for any Mom who loves subtle glam!

4. Gift Card- Starting at $25 a gift card is the perfect option for every Mom this Mother's day!

Under $50 

5. Micca Ring- Our beautiful chain link style ring available in Gold or Silver and is loved by many moms all over the country. 

6. Zara Necklace- One of our best selling necklaces, The Zara is perfect for every strong mother. Available in Gold, this lightening bolt necklace features some beautiful crystals.  

7. Venice 3-piece Set- This set features a necklace, earrings, and a matching bracelet. Available in Gold, this elegant set is perfect for a mom's night out or even for work.

8. Nolita Hoops- Every mom needs these earrings because of their ability to increase confidence levels. Our Nolita hoop earrings are available in Gold and Silver with multiple different crystals to pick from. 

Under $100

9. Charlie Necklace- An extremely versatile beaded chain necklace that can make a great addition to a layered look or worn alone to showcase a more reserved and classic look.

10. Bentley Hoops- Gift Mom this beautiful set of hoop earrings that blend the classic elegance of thick hoops with a new twist of a ribbed design going all the way around the hoop, giving this piece a unique and very appealing allure. 

11. Atlas Duo- This earring and necklace duo is one of my mom's personal favorites and for that reason if you use code LOVE at checkout it will give you 30% off making this duo right under your $100 budget. 

Over $100 

12. Miss. Charming Duo- This duo is the perfect set for the trendy Mom. With crystals and chains being trends of the summer, this necklace adds a little extra flare to every outfit. 

13. Summer Ready Look- This special look is quite literally the perfect way to spoil any Mom on Mother's day. With 15 different pieces ranging from a messenger bag to earrings, this look is the best bang for your buck. 

14. Marylin Sterling-Silver Moissanite Ring Set- This ring set is the perfect gift for any wife and mother who is looking for a some new bling! 

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