• Summer Collection 2020

    Summer Collection 2020

    We've all had to endure some very tough times as of late but as bad as things may seem there is always a brighter day on the horizon. With that in mind we wanted to share a very brief sneak peek of some of the pieces in our upcoming Summer Collection 2020. This collection will be full of whimsical fun stylish items for women, men and children. 

    Below you can find two of the more colorful designs that we will be featuring. 


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    • Prestonwef says...

      great pintxos in San Sebastian

      And too starving.

      On a lovely late July day, as compared with return to the beach near Biarritz, I made the easy, 40 minute drive over the border between France and Spain the fabled small plates of San Sebastin beckoned.

      But in the city’s beautiful old quarter (Parte Vieja), A grid of streets is stuffed with dozens of bars wooing locals and tourists alike with counters filled with platters of what would be tapas elsewhere in Spain and the world, however are known in San Sebastin as pintxos. My best translation would be "economical delicacies,

      The Basque word virtually means “Pierce” perhaps "spike, Referring to the toothpick or skewer that fastened the first pintxos in the 1930s and 1940s to a bit bread.

      One early illustration a proto pintxo? packaged a salt cured anchovy wrapped around four pickled green chilies plus an olive, And was referred to Gilda, After Rita Hayworth’s femme fatale in the 1946 film of the same name.

      right, These treats of two or three bites can seemingly involve anything the food crazy citizenry of San Sebastin clamour for, From shrimp and crab to foie gras and sodium cod, From quiche and ham to wild mushrooms and baby eels.

      Inventive experimenters for example, the cooks at Bar Zeruko and A Fuego Negro push the pintxos envelope with creations such as pickled pig’s ear with frozen mole or mackerel served on a pink cherry wafer, garnished with cubes of sheep’s milk cheese and fresh mint.

      I could not try such surreal offerings during my late afternoon visit, But the more traditional pintxos I sampled still managed to boggle my mind and fill me up. that will record, My sampling was comprised of 10 pintxos eaten at seven bars on two streets over four hours.

      Good form for pintxos fans always will take bar hopping, Sampling one or two at each institution. While I was armed after a little glossary of Spanish and Basque food terms, all this wasn’t a must.

      requesting was always a breeze, considering the fact that some bar staff spoke English and some pintxos were well labelled and could be ordered by simply pointing.

      A few alcohol-based drinks were downed in the process what’s a pintxo without a glass of txakoli, The non-sunny, bright white Basque wine? But not so many that I couldn’t drive back to France so next final pintxo, Satiated but already longing a return trip.

      10 flavorsome PINTXOSGambas (Shrimp) Brochette at watering hole Goiz Argi: I started my pintxos crawl with a winner, Armed with intel from the Web that this bar is famous for its sweet, delicious shrimp. A convivial bar staff took my order in the english language, Her colleague grilled the shrimp la minute and after all was right with the world. I sampled doing this along with a glass of Txakoli, our dry, cloudy local white wine, try to from a height into its glass. Txangurro (cooked crab) At drink station Goiz Argi in San Sebastian, southern spain

      Txangurro (baked crab) At bartender Goiz Argi: This was pretty darn good, But if I had to eat one thing for the remainder of my life, It is a bar’s shrimp brochettes.

      Jamn (pork) while having Roquefort at La Cepa: For a wee meal, It packed a punch understandably from Spain’s famous Jabugo ham. This town is so devoted to curing pig legs that its main square is called La plaza del Jamn. La Cepa is like a little item of ham heaven, With leg after leg hanging inside the ceiling. As tasty since this pintxo was, It did not feature the greatest in Spanish hams, Namely jamn ibrico de bellota made from the flesh of free range pigs finished with a diet of acorns. next occasion.

      Mi cuit foie gras medaillon with caramelized companies and mango pure at Casa Gandarias: In an amiable, comfortable bar, This was a delicious impulse purchase only if it was bundled with a glass of Alsatian Gerwrztraminer for 5.50 dollars, Or for $7.30. goodness me, i really like that it was delicious?

      Wagyu mini hamburger at Bar Txalupa Jatetxea: Given the mock baby eels provided here, I am just a tiny bit suspicious about whether what I ate next was real Wagyu beef. But all this wasn’t bad at all, Served a nice medium rare and topped with hot spanish women caramelized onions, Although it was warmed up in the microwave before it was handed to me.

      Hongos (crazy mushroom) and additionally jamn (pig) sour at Munto: While it didn’t are similar to much, It was enchantingly savoury and just 2.35 euros, also $3.15.

      melted bacalao (salt cod) every Itkina: Maybe I was nearing food fatigue, But this salt cod pintxo seemed rather atypical.

      Seared foie gras of Itkina. it turned out too long like, Two hours since i had had foie gras. This one was even better than its forerunner, which includes a nice sear, Raisins and companies. The burly goateed barkeep was a new brusque, But alright, so what? which has a 2.70 euros ($3.60) giving beautiful girl in spanish of foie, I can handle brusqueness.

      Jamn (pork), Gulas (‘baby eels’), Antxoas (Anchovies), Sun dry tomato on bread at Bar Txalupa Jatetxea: One look at the gulas and I thought, "i can not order that, anticipate, I overrode my squeamishness, But I remained consistently naive. typically, these were imitation baby eels made from pollock.

      Pork cheeks in burgandy or merlot wine sauce with mashed potatoes at Bide Bide: about four hours after my first pintxo came this meal ender at a slightly glitzier place in the Parte Vieja. apparently with their cheek meat (Kokotxa) Is serious in San Sebastian, Not just a recent trend as it has been in the us. there’s even a one Michelin star restaurant called Kokotxa, Which started in 2002, around.

      IF your going

      By n automobile: San Sebastin is a 20 minute drive from in france they border, Making it an appealing day trip for those visiting north western France, the particular resort town of Biarritz. The Spanish French border is absolutely seamless for drivers, With just a toll to fork out.

      by simply air: edinburgh airport is 22 kilometres east of the city, nearly Hondarribia; Buses leave hourly from Plaza Gipuzkoa and take a staggering 30 minutes

      By practice: EuskoTren runs offerings from Amara station on Plaza Easo; RENFE engines depart from Estacin del Norte on Paseo de Francia

      By coach: Pesa runs servicing to Bayonne and Biarritz in France, along with Bilbao; Conda runs businesses to Pamplona and Vitoria.

      August 06, 2020

    • Joshuaaburf says...

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      August 06, 2020

    • Melissa Findley says...

      When will the Bianca Gun Metal Black Crystal hoops be back in stock. I’ve purchased several pairs of the Bianca hoops they’re my favorite. I can’t wait to get the Gun Metal Black Crystal pair.

      July 26, 2020

    • Victoria deleon says...

      Saw your Cherry 🍒 pendant necklace on Instagram. Can’t find it on your site. Is it still available please?

      Also, is there a way to be notified if the black pearl hair ties $20 that Brandi wears will be in stock again? Thank you

      July 21, 2020

    • Marcia Morse says...

      I want to know do you have a catalog i can look at? Even online. I love your jewelry!

      July 21, 2020

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