Powerful Women That Inspire Our Team

Powerful Women That Inspire Our Team

To celebrate Women’s History Month, we want to highlight four powerful women that inspire our team, as well as millions of others around the world. These women have done, and continue to do extraordinary things that have changed the world and inspire other women to do the same. This month is all about empowering women and motivating us to continue to make our mark! In this week’s blog post, we are giving these four women a spotlight and describing how they each inspire us!


Ruth Bader Ginsburg

Ruth Bader Ginsburg (R.B.G.) has empowered women to break away from gender stereotypes and barriers for decades. From being one out of 9 women at Harvard Law School out of a class of 500, to graduating at the top of her class, to facing discrimination in the workforce, R.B.G. did not give up then. “Ruth Bader Ginsburg bore witness to, argued for, and helped to constitutionalize the most hard-fought and least-appreciated revolution in modern American history: the emancipation of women”, Jill Lepore writes. 



Rihanna inspires us all to work hard for what we want and not stop there. She’s not only an immensely talented singer, songwriter, and performer, but a business owner of one of the most empowering, inclusive makeup companies and lingerie brands. She created this amazing brand for women of all different skin tones, shapes, and sizes so that everyone can be included and not feel limited. Rihanna is such a huge inspiration because of the empowerment that she created as a successful woman. She makes other women feel that they too can be a leader in as many industries, or in the world, as they would like. 


Dolly Parton 

Dolly Parton has been an inspiration for decades, and continues to empower women all around the world. Dolly Parton is an extremely talented singer, songwriter, actress, businesswoman, and icon who creates music that inspires and changes the world. Dolly Parton is also a huge philanthropist. She created the Dollywood Foundation in 1986, which has had a massive impact on literacy for children. In addition, she continuously donates to charities and gives back to the community that she grew up in. She is truly an inspiration to women worldwide. 


Serena Williams

Serena Williams is one of the greatest tennis players in the world and uses her inspiring success to change the lives of women all over the world. Her glorious tennis career is deeply inspiring and has paved the way for women in sports. Competing in a white, male dominated sport, she has shifted the sport forever in many ways. She changed the world and became an icon by being the first Black woman to win a Grand Slam Tournament, which has inspired women worldwide, as well as altered the way women were viewed in sports. 


Through all the battles that women have faced in the past, present, and future, it’s so important to honor the women that have broken these barriers and made major changes in the world. Let’s continue to be courageous, be recognized, and celebrate women everyday for everything we do! 

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