• Moissanite Collection

    We at KC Chic are so so so excited to finally have launched our new Moissanite Collection starting with our recently released Lara Moissanite Duo featuring Sterling Silver studs and a 17 in. necklace. The set comes in both a round or square design and comes with GRA certification. 

    This is just the first set of many as we continue to expand and add to our inventory the most unique styles of jewelry. Stay tuned!!!

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    • Liza Jung says...

      What is the size equivalent to vs real diamond weight ? 1/2 carat ? 1 carat ? Each pendant and earrings?

      February 29, 2020

    • Deb says...

      Do the initial pendents tarnish? The gold or silver?



      February 28, 2020

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