How to Find Your Ring Size at Home

How to Find Your Ring Size at Home

Ever struggle to make an online purchase for a must have ring but don’t know your exact ring size? Well, we got you covered in this blog! It is the absolute worst when you are in between sizes, not sure of your size, and don’t have time to pop into your local jewelry store. Fear not - we have a super easy and quick way to do just that in the comfort of your home!

You may be wondering how, and you may not believe this… but we’re going to teach you how to measure your ring size with FLOSS. You only need two things that you most likely already have in your house! Floss and a ruler/tape measure. Now let’s get to the steps:
Firstly, you’re going to pull out your floss and wrap it around your finger that you would like to measure, at the base. Once the floss end meets the other end you will mark that meeting spot with a pen or marker!

Now you will have a string that you can hold up to a ruler or tape measure on the millimeter side. You can see that the length of the string up until the mark in millimeters, will then be used to compare to a ring chart! Below is a graphic of a ring chart in millimeters! The ring size that is closest to your personal measurement using the floss, is YOUR ring size! 

Some tips: Keep in mind that your hands may be different sizes as well as your fingers! I would recommend measuring both hands and the specific finger that you are buying a ring for so that it is most accurate for you. Additionally, if you are in between ring sizes, definitely size up! 

We hope that this was helpful, and you can now accurately figure out your ring size right at home! 

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