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Lana Adjustable Bracelet Trio

Lana Adjustable Bracelet Trio

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Lana Adjustable Bracelet Trio

Unlock the power of style and symbolism with our Quatrefoil Lock Bracelet Trio, a collection of Gold bracelets designed to captivate attention and add a touch of sophistication to any outfit. Each bracelet in this set features a stunning lock-shaped centerpiece each graced with a quatrefoil. Setting these bracelets apart is the unique color variation of the quatrefoil in each one. The first bracelet boasts a serene and calming blue, the second bracelet showcases a sleek and mysterious black and the third bracelet features a pristine white.

Designed with comfort in mind, these bracelets are adjustable between 6.25 to 8.75 inches in length, ensuring the perfect fit for every wrist. The high quality Gold-plated stainless steel offers durability and a luxurious shine that will endure the test of time. Lock this one down and behold it's beauty for yourself.

*This product is:

-Stainless Steel


-lead, nickel, brass free

-water and tarnish resistant

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