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Deal or No Deal Game

Deal or No Deal Game

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Deal or No Deal Game

Have you ever played Deal or No Deal?

Join us on Tik Tok Live @kcchicteam, every Wednesday from 7:30pm EST- 9:30pm EST for a fun game of deal or no deal! 

Purchase One of Twelve tickets available each week for a chance to win special discounts, gift cards and free gifts valued up to $500!

Play by purchasing a ticket and joining the corresponding weeks live and then pick a number when it’s your turn to play. We will then let you know what your gift is live right then and there and give you the chance to say “deal” or “no deal”. If you choose to accept the gift comment “deal”, but if you don’t like your gift and want to continue on, comment “no deal” and your new number. Prizes range from $50-$500! 

Please enter you Shipping information at checkout so we are able to ship your winnings! Shipping cannot be combined if you buy multiple tickets in separate orders unless purchased together in same order.

Tickets are non-refundable* 

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