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In Love Pendant Necklace- Gold

In Love Pendant Necklace- Gold

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This new, more customizable, twist on our classic "In Love Pendant Necklace" allows you to select the style of your choice and any combination of Letters (A-Z), Numbers (0-9) and/or Symbols (Listed Below) in quantities of 6 , 7, or 8.  

Select either a White or Pink crystal topped Gold bar stainless steel pendant on a matching 18.5" chain link necklace. 

PLEASE LEAVE A NOTE for personalization, indicating the Letters, Numbers and/or Symbols you want in the order that you want them to appear.

*The style of charms will match the style of your chosen variant. (If you select Pink Crystal the bar and charms will feature Pink Crystals.)

Available symbols are as follows:

  • White crystal heart
  • White crystal butterfly
  • White crystal star
  • White crystal dog paw
  • White crystal eye
  • White crystal crescent moon
  • White crystal girl
  • White crystal Hamsa
  • White crystal "#"
  • White crystal "@"
  • White crystal "&"
  • Pink crystal star
  • Pink crystal butterfly
  • Pink crystal eye
  • Pink crystal crescent moon
  • Pink crystal girl
  • Pink crystal dog paw
  • Pink crystal Hamsa
  • Pink crystal "#"
  • Pink crystal  "@"
  • Pink crystal  "&"
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