KC Team's Top Picks from the Love Language Collection

KC Team's Top Picks from the Love Language Collection

Debating what pieces from the Love Language Collection to get? Well, you’re in luck - We’ve put together a Wishlist of each of our top 3 picks from the new collection. In this week’s blog we're going to go into detail of why these pieces are our favorite and what makes them so special!

To start off we’ve got Klarisa’s top 3 picks! Her favorites are the Girlboss Trio, the Round the Way Girl Hoops, and the It Girl Dog Tags

For obvious reasons Girlboss is a top favorite. This heart drop earring, necklace, and two bracelet trio is perfect for Valentine’s Day! Klarisa loves this set because of its cohesiveness and effortless style. Its beautiful heart design is timeless yet makes a statement! This matching set makes it easy to put together a full look as it has all the essentials you need.

Next is the Round the Way Girl Hoops. These are the perfect hoops to elevate any outfit! They’re the perfect size with a lightweight yet high quality feel and a beautiful bamboo design, making them the most amazing hoop to wear for any occasion! 

As Klarisa’s last pick, she chose the It Girl Dog Tags! These dog tags have an edgy chain detail with the tag adorned in crystals with your favorite words, elevating your usual dog tag. With options of “Love”, “Strong”, and “Faith”, you can find an It Girl Dog Tag for every mood and occasion! Klarisa loves the versatility of these dog tags as they can immediately create a bold look.

For Sophia’s top favorites, she chose the Fab Duo, Sophia Sparkle Bag (obviously), and the CEO Ring


The Fab Duo is a fave because of its dainty, beautiful design. A small gold heart with stunning crystal details and matching earrings, make this duo the perfect pieces for Valentine’s Day and for everyday wear! 

The Sophia Sparkle Bag is of course Sophia’s top pick! A beautiful pink rhinestone bag instantly adds a fun pop of color and sparkle to any outfit. Another piece that is perfect for when you’re feeling the love on Valentine’s Day as well as any night out on the town!

The CEO Ring is one of Sophia’s favorite rings because of its simple, yet bold design. A stunning gold, thick ring adorned with a two-tiered crystal arc design makes this ring the perfect addition to your ring collection. It looks amazing stacked with all the rings from the Love Language Collection as well as on its own!

Now we’ve got Abbie’s top 3 picks! She loves the Slayer, Love That For You Ring, and the Main Character Trio!


The Slayer is a favorite of Abbie’s because of its beautiful, layered look! This necklace set offers three various sizes getting increasingly larger with stunning crystal horseshoes reminding Abbie of home!

Abbie loves the Love That For You as it's the perfect dainty ring that can be worn on any finger! Its adjustable, lightweight heart design is an amazing addition to any ring collection. The Love That For You Ring is also perfect for those who don’t wear rings often because when its worn, you almost forget that you have it on due to its lightweight dainty design!

Lastly, the Main Character Trio is one of Abbie’s faves for several reasons. It comes with the gorgeous crystal tennis chain and a sparkling heart paired with matching crystal heart studs. If that wasn’t enough, it also comes with stunning, sleek large gold hoops that makes Abbie feel like the main character that she is! 

Now for Alyse’s top 3 favorites from the Love Language Collection, she chose the So Extra Necklace, the Bop Ring, and the Glow Up Duo!


Alyse is obsessed with the So Extra Necklace as she loves mixing silver and gold on the daily. This necklace makes for the perfect piece that ties in all the other jewelry that she has on. This tri color braided necklace is lightweight and the perfect length making it easy to layer other pieces! 

The Bop Ring is another top pick due to its sleek oval design and crystal star! Since Alyse enjoys stacking as many rings as possible, this ring makes an amazing staple to pair with other rings. She also loves this ring because she doesn’t have to take it off to shower, wash hands, or swim since it's stainless steel and water/tarnish resistant! 

For her final pick, she chose the Glow Up Duo! She loves wearing the stunning crystal Star of David necklace as its dainty and looks amazing stacked with other necklaces as well as by itself! It's a huge plus that this duo also includes a sparkling Star of David bracelet that has a paper clip chain detail! 

We hope you loved hearing about why these Love Language Collection pieces are our favorites and what makes them special to us! Whose top picks are your favorite? 

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