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Hills Natural Bracelet Stack

Hills Natural Bracelet Stack

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Hills Natural Bracelet Stack

These 5-bracelet stacks blend natural beauty and style. Available in 3 styles featuring beautifully colorful natural stone bracelets of the highest quality each possessing potential spiritual benefits. All bracelets feature plenty of flair in the form a variety of gold chain dangles and other natural stones peppered all over these flexible band bracelets. The three styles available are Onyx/Obsidian, Tiger's Eye and Green Spot Jasper.
•Onyx/Obsidian- features onyx beads as well as black obsidian and black volcanic rock beads. These different stones create a mixture of matte and luster finishes as well as diverse textures and cuts.
•Tiger's Eye-Tiger's Eye is a gold-brown, opaque gemstone variety of fibrous quartz. More specifically, it is a variety of macrocrystalline quartz. Tiger's eye is famed for its remarkable chatoyancy and its attractive golden brown colors. This bracelet stack features bracelets with a mix of luster and matte finishes.

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