Summer Accessories: Elevated Gold Anklets

Summer Accessories: Elevated Gold Anklets

Anklet Trends of The Summer

It is never to early to start thinking about the hot trends of the summer and which ones you will partake in. Summer 2022 is right around the corner and stylish gold anklets are in.


Ankle bracelets or anklet's are a fashion trend that have resurfaced many times since its first appearance on runways. Anklets are a 90's vibe that have recently made a another come back with a little spin in designs. But you might find yourself questioning whether wearing an anklet or even multiple is a stylish thing to do in 2022.


Progression of Anklets


In the past, most anklets were beaded and sometimes even featured shells and were typically only worn on summer days.


But, thankfully the designs have received a little upgrading since then and are much more chic. Now, an anklet is a fantastic way to accessorize not only during summer but all year long.


Wearing sandals? Anklet. Wearing Heels? Anklet. Wearing sneakers? Anklet. Barefoot? Anklet. Toes in the sand? Anklet.


Instantly elevate your outfits with modern anklets that feature thick and thin gold chains, crystals, layered, and even stones.


If you're questioning whether an anklet is the right accessory for you, stop. Anklets look good and anyone can pull them off.


Popular Anklet Styles


The styles of anklets have definitely changed since their origination. Luckily for you we have some beautiful and trendy anklets releasing in the coming weeks that perfectly display the new chic style of anklets. Popular anklet styles include chain anklets, crystal anklets, layered anklets, and dainty anklets. 

Miss. Elevated Anklet Quad

Thanks to a little face lift, anklets have made a comeback and are a elevated trend that is here to stay. With a nice variety of options, KC Chic is dedicated to accessorizing your story with our elevated jewelry.

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